Our work process, or the key to success

Translation means transposing content that has been written in a given (source) language into another (target) language. First and foremost, it involves understanding and re-phrasing ideas, which implies linguistic and specific knowledge.

At Tradissima, we have developed a rigorous methodological process, which we apply to all our projects and which guarantees the efficiency and excellence of all our work, no matter what the specialist field is.

Identifying needs

Guidelines, deadline and budget: preparation is a major step of the translation process. It is essential to check content upstream of the process and to gather the various requirements and expectations expressed by the client. We must also prepare the files in a format that is compatible with terminology and translation tools, and create a translation memory based on any existing reference documents/glossaries or previously translated content. All these parameters are defined in detail with the client when the quote is first drafted.

Professional translation

Translation is carried out with great care using CAT tools: linguists use various physical and online dictionaries; they also address any questions they may have to the client and carry out extensive research depending on the line of business concerned.

The translator generally seeks support from dictionaries; not so much to find the appropriate word or expression but rather to overcome a deadlock. Most of the time, the goal is to find an equivalent expression and to select the most suitable word, taking into account cultural, contextual, technical as well as stylistic aspects. Translators also rely on translation memories, which are databases that contain all previous missions carried out for the clients. These are enriched each time a new project is finalised.

Maintaining these memories guarantees a consistent and uniform translation style, as well as the standardisation of company-specific terminology. This data centralisation also enables us to maintain unfailing responsiveness and optimal execution speeds.

Translation proofreading

The translator always proofreads their document with great care. This quality-assurance mission involves going over the translation and rephrasing sections when needed in order to improve flow, correcting any typos, spelling or grammatical errors (using the powerful “Antidote” software), checking formatting elements such as tags as well as the final layout. If necessary, or at the client’s request, a second translator can be called upon (“dual approval” principle).

Delivery of the translated documents

The translator sends the translated material (by email) to the client, in strict keeping with the agreed deadline and requesting confirmation of receipt. At Tradissima, we make it a point of honour to deliver at the specific date and time stated in the quote and in the purchase order, as well as to make sure the client has received their order.


At Tradissima, we encourage our clients to communicate any alterations, corrections and possible improvements they make to the delivered file, particularly in view of updating their translation memory. Constant communication with our clients is the key to guaranteeing the success of each and every project. Regular updates on both sides enable us to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings while saving time when dealing with future projects.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and is guaranteed by open communication and unmatched flexibility.

Final document delivery

Once these changes have been made, the translator carries out one last overall quality check (spelling, layout), still in keeping with the second deadline communicated to the client. The final material is delivered by email, again with a request to confirm receipt.

Archiving of final documents

The last step of a project involves archiving the final documents, both in a client file and on a secure server. Security is also at the heart of our preoccupations and we regularly sign confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements before taking on translation projects.

In addition to this, the confidentiality of your documents is guaranteed by a sophisticated protection system: files are password protected and real-time back-ups are performed on all our computers.