A translation company unlike any other!

Tradissima was founded in 2013 by Célia Ramain, a passionate translator with ten years experience in the most diverse areas of specialisation. She drew on her University training that focused strongly on literature and foreign languages, as well as a line of successful professional endeavours among major players of the business.

Professional translation, passion, unswerving adaptability, high quality, responsiveness and unwavering commitment to clients are the watchwords of Tradissima’s philosophy. More than ever, we strive to build bridges between cultures, to make away with language barriers and facilitate exchanges between nations, businesses and individuals.

At this time of strong digitalisation, we are devoted to riding the wave of new technologies to find the optimal solutions that will meet all your needs, by offering a wide range of services such a translation, proofreading and transcription. In addition to this, as a number of major international gatherings are to be held in France in coming years, our ambition is to help you meet all your challenges and to lay down your development-related projects within this most stimulating and fascinating context.


Translation: challenges and issues

In the current context of globalisation and exponential growth of international exchanges, we are more connected than ever, and translation plays a major role in this form of communication. Indeed, this escalation of information sharing is sometimes limited by language and cultural barriers, which translators can help take down by bringing cultures and businesses together despite their differences.

Translation means transposing written content from one (source) language to another (target language). This task requires all sorts of knowledge, which is acquired through sound training and years of experience.

Contrary to common belief, being a translator is a profession in its own right and requires:

  • Rigour: strict compliance with deadlines, organisation, adaptability
  • Precision: in-depth research, ability to make the perfect word choice
  • Vigilance: careful proofreading to eliminate spelling mistakes and mistranslations
  • General knowledge: diversity of the topics covered
  • Curiosity and thirst for discovery: essential in the translation trade


Translation and interpretation

The general public often confuses interpretation and translation.

Despite having many things in common, these two disciplines each require specific skills. The main difference lies in the communication channel used: interpretation relates to spoken communication, while translation focuses exclusively on written content.