IT, telecommunications and new technologies are complex technical fields that are constantly evolving. This line of business is thriving at the moment, and the various players competing with each other must continuously broaden their international presence. This is why they need real experts to assist them in their approach.

In order to offer accurate translations in this field, linguists need technological expertise (software, networks and operating systems, IT security, graphic applications, etc.) as well as the best language skills. Not only do your products and services need to be well-suited to your target audience, they also need to be perfectly understood by the users.

Drawing on our passion for new technologies, our experience in this field and our linguistic expertise, we will be sure to satisfy all your requirements and meet all your needs. At Tradissima, we pride ourselves on using technological tools on a daily basis, as well as monitoring technological developments. This sound basis enables us to give you the support you need throughout your projects.

A few examples: interfaces and content, software, websites, technical and user guidelines, applications.